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Windows 8 To 8.1 Upgrade


Sorry. Do you have a lot of OSS on your machine that you actually paid for? On the other hand, there are millions and millions of computers that are part of botnets, often because they refused to install security updates and ended up infected. All 8.1 and update 1 did was simplify Windows 8 and give people more options on how to do something. http://anyforgeek.com/windows-8/upgrade-windows-7-to-windows-8-free-download.html

However, there is a reason that Microsoft Tablets aka Surface and Windows Phones terrible fail in sales. My option was to permit it immediately or in 1 or 2 or 4 hours. Sadly seeing government computers still using XP! Bill I let Microsoft "upgrade" me to Win 8.1 last yea - and thereafter, my keyboard produced random letters unless I held down the shift key. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/15356/windows-8-install-update-kb-2919355

Windows 8 To 8.1 Upgrade

Just imagine what products we wouldn't have if companies said "well, everyone seems to like it exactly how it is." Some of the people running XP don't see a reason Microsoft duh, please explain, why MS web page does not work with IE11? matt maybe a dumb question, but I had both updates, uninstalled both but now im afraid to restart my laptop. You are in control over your PC, not Microsoft.

November 21, 2014 Rick P. @ringhalg Bios, Hardware Firmware and Device Driver Updates make your machine physically operate properly.

Windows 8.1 at the out-of-the-box settings is a monster, true. close That is particularly why I didn't ask you anything. Double-check cable connections in your monitor. Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant If they did, they wouldn't have so many patches.

November 17, 2014 corvynem Picture the situation: my employer accepts 12 paying clients on an expensive training course we run.

It doesn't appear that they do. Windows 8.1 Update Download Note that when I first set up my win 8 laptop, I had not used a live.com account, I used a local admin account. Give 'em a month or two. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/windows-update-everything-you-need-to-know/ The same applies for using false assumptions.

Didn't know you could edit the list. Windows 8 Update Free Download Naipier How many companies out there have market dominance in their respective field? Anyway, it went ahead and then got stuck at 40% while adding "just a few more things". EULA's also do not over ride a country's laws.

Windows 8.1 Update Download

Typical of you conservative know it alls. Automatic updates are critical for Windows users. Windows 8 To 8.1 Upgrade And/Or including those previously hid. Windows 8.1 Upgrade To Windows 10 Then I made the mistake of letting MS automatically download and install every poorly or unexplained update they arbitrarily decide to accost my system.

I am struggling with an 0X8020002e error - and getting this update is seeming to be impossible....... http://anyforgeek.com/windows-8/how-to-install-windows-8-1-from-dvd.html From this to generalization is just a small and ignorant step. Still when i open windows update, it says that "you have to search for updates and you have never installed any updates." What can i do to update my windows? Windows 10 brings us back to one app across all platforms. Upgrade To Windows 8.1 From Windows 7

What you can not ignore, though, is the fact that windows 8 sales are abysmally low. The majority of users just doesn't like it and then Microsoft in their endless wisdom decided to >force< the new (touchscreen) UI to their loyal desktop users. But after HOURS I got a message that it didn't work and was reverting back to 8. his comment is here jonzey231 When I use the Mega links, I'm getting an error that says the file has been removed.

Prior to each attempt I uninstall the windows 8.1 installer, re-install the helper, reboot, then attempt to download the 8.1 preview, the download first off will take hours, hours hours, which Windows 8.1 Update Stuck Nothing dubious about it. Is it all possible that I can revert to straight forward Win 8?

I've found it now.

You must be an administrator on your computer, meaning that you own the computer and set it up yourself. Might be great on a new system, but that was not my experience upgrading from 7 to 10. Probably not, because you trust them not to break your device.

November 18, 2014 JohnD Lord Every time I have allowed Windows updates a problem is created on 3 family machines, Windows 8.1 Download 64 Bit Reply Luke August 29, 2016 at 2:32 pm No.

Denise Chatham Same here. Before he did the upgrade, the system checker told him he was compatible… My question is, what about people with older PCs that aren't compatible??? I think some of those "recommended" updates are not necessary and cause all these ridiculous annoying problems people seem to suddenly have with their systems. weblink To have Windows ignore an update in the future, just right-click that specific update and select Hide update.

It'll hide the updates and you'll no longer receive those 2 updates in future and you'll be able to keep Windows 8 OS in your computer. 7. Dan Sorry, I didn't notice anything but you sitting on your desk ;) I'll put more attention next time, and maybe you'll be eating more than these words. T.SAM Says: June 29th, 2013 at 2:24 am same problems here : (windows 8.1) error code 0x80072ee2 JUST AN OTHER FAIL AGAIN W.8 JJ Says: June 28th, 2013 at 9:23 am I do not care for the software store.

Nothing at all. It's just a shame some of the things from 8.1 and Update 1 weren't there from the beginning: X to close, power button(still think log off should have been including with No big deal KillerKadoogan But it would have been a really big deal had I trusted MS compatibility checker which told me I was 100% compatible with no conflicts. undead overlord dan there not talking about a tablet its dumm Xplorer4x4 Why do you need a touchscreen so badly for Win8?

Ray C They made mistakes. If this update will not install, you can try these suggestions and see if they help you. People are able to trick others into thinking Windows 8.x is so hard because basic functions are not obvious. You know, to keep it going when you run out of things to say :).

Thanks for your help in advance. Reply Greg October 14, 2013 at 7:57 pm My laptop recently got the October update. When you start back up, it will revert back to 8.0.