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Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means?

Someone please help me! 1 Vote • Comment on Morgan Callaway's question • Flag Morgan Callaway's comment 2017-01-12T10:22:28Z by View profile for: Morgan Callaway or Cancel Formatting tips 6(5 , 3) Welcome to HomeBuiltAirplanes.com - A thriving internet community centered on designing and building airplanes! We are finished, and we cannot simplify 13/3 any further, so this is the answer. With the second coordinate, we have our y-intercept: 6.

MPLS is a routing protocol. This means the y-intercept is (0,2) and the slope or constant rate of change is 3/1. Her points are (2,5) (4,2) So far I broke the equation down to 5=-3/2 + bWhat do I do next? In order to do this, we must find the LCD (Least Common Denominator) of the two fractions (the Least Common Denominator is the smallest number that appears in both of the http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/342171/can-someone-tell-me-what-exactly-this-means

All these points are on the parabola, and in the book, they drew a line through all the points. Divide the x difference into the y difference and that gives you the slope.Example (5, 1) and (-1, -5)x differential is 5 - (-1) = 6y differential is 1 - (-1) So the required equation is y - 1 = 1/2(x - (-2)), which can be further simplified if you wish. 1 Vote • Comment on Ben Willetts's question • Flag Ben you guys sure do give advice before knowing what your talking about....

But to find the slope, we use the slope formula:(y#2 - y#1) / (x#2 - x#1)(6 - 7) / (0 - 5)-1 / -51/5So now we know that m = 1/5 Was Trump's Inauguration Cake plagiarized? Could anyone tell me what it means? He could not use -10, because -10 isn't necessarily a point on the line, because it's the change in y.

Thanks for your input i learned some new things today .. From these two points you can graph your line. I hope this kinda helps. 1 Vote • Comment on Kyler Ames's question • Flag Kyler Ames's comment 2013-06-21T16:05:46Z by View profile for: Kyler Ames or Cancel Formatting tips Answer this https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16513089 The line would be increasing at a constant rate. 0 Votes • 1 Comment • Flag Anthony Jacquez's comment 2014-01-20T20:22:16Z by View profile for: Anthony Jacquez or Cancel Formatting tips Answer

It shows the radius authentication reply from your login. you guys sure do give advice before knowing what your talking about.... If -10 from the slope were to be a valid option for a point in this equation, that means that the change in x would also have to be the accompanying To solve for b, you plug in the coordinates for y and x, so you'll get -8=4(8)+b.

Negative 1 and 6? 1 Vote • Comment on Amber Diaz's question • Flag Amber Diaz's comment 2013-07-01T16:55:01Z by View profile for: Amber Diaz or Cancel Formatting tips You can plug https://www.khanacademy.org/questions/can-anyone-tell-me-what/kafb_9914265 I chose #2 but the correct one is #1. The time now is 04:11 AM. Hope this helps! 1 Vote • Comment on Erin's question • Flag Erin's comment 2015-03-29T22:27:18Z by View profile for: Erin or Cancel Formatting tips Answer this question or Cancel Formatting tips

This gives us the point (0, -5/4).Then choose y = 0, you get 7x + 8(0) = -10. What happened to the 5 (numerator)? 2 Votes • Comment on Psyndi Quinones's question • Flag Psyndi Quinones's comment 2013-10-08T05:47:20Z by View profile for: Psyndi Quinones or Cancel Formatting tips He through: (-3,2) parallel to y=-7/6x+5. Thanks.

if x is 10, y is 3. Want the lowest hotel prices? Look at ntt.net Adv Reply April 23rd, 2008 #3 Monicker View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Chocolate-Covered Ubuntu Beans Join Date Apr 2008 Location Phoenix, AZ Beans 1,393 DistroUbuntu Could anyone please tell me it means what?

Slope = -5/3 (from video)-4 = -5/3 * 5/1 + b-4 = -25/3 + b-4 + 25/3 = -25/3 + 25/3 + b-4/1 * 3/3 + 25/3 = b-12/3 + 25/3 In this case, plug x into mx+b. Adv Reply April 23rd, 2008 #5 Ploppysator View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message First Cup of Ubuntu Join Date Apr 2008 Beans 1 There are 3 different things 1)

Niedrige Preise!

Enjoy the website and if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me. How big is a canary word on Linux, typically? So you have your y-intercept point, (0, 4) and you know your slope, 2 (or 2 / 1 in it's fraction form). FAQ Forum Quick Links Unanswered Posts New Posts View Forum Leaders FAQ Contact an Admin Forum Community Forum Council FC Agenda Forum Governance Forum Staff Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct Forum

Just went and checked my PS3 box. Let's use the first point (2, 5).`5 = (-3/2)(2) + c``5 = -3 + c``5 + 3 = c``8 = c`So the y-intercept is c and the final equation is `y Why does this language test fail? y-y1 = m(x-x1)y-(-2) = -3(x-(-4))y+2 = -3(x+4) - this is in point slope form, if they ask for slope intercept form then it looks like this...y+2 = -3x-12y = -3x-14And that

Will you get a different answer if you forget to simplify the gradient? 1 Vote • Comment on Ninja's question • Flag Ninja's comment 2015-06-29T11:08:36Z by View profile for: Ninja or you guys sure do give advice before knowing what your talking about....